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Consider things about the Carnegie Mellon housing

Your first focus should be ensuring that every one of your students is safe and content in an environment that inspires and motivates them in all facets of their lives. This should be your top priority. Your student will get the fulfillment of this commitment from Housing Services via participation in carnegie mellon housing. This experience contributes to the student’s academic success, timely graduation, and overall growth and development for the better.

Experience and the students

The first-year students at Carnegie Mellon University are required to live on campus as part of their academic experience. Students are assured of having a place to reside during their whole time in college (as long as they continuously live in university housing). If you wish to continue living in university housing after graduating, you must participate in the room selection process.

If a student transfers out of university housing but reconsiders their decision to return, they must submit an application to be put on a waiting list. Students are highly advised to give the decision to move off campus a significant amount of thought before making a move. This is because there is often more demand for university accommodation than is available.

carnegie mellon housing

Safety from Danger as well as a Wide Range of Adaptations

All individuals who are a part of the campus community should feel welcome and safe in the environment created by Housing Services; this is the organization’s primary goal. Each resident has a private room, and the entrances to the several residential halls are manned by security personnel at all times. Shuttle and escort services provide travelers in the surrounding region a safe and convenient way to get to and from the many communities and areas of interest. The University Police may be called promptly via the emergency phones dispersed across the campus and surrounding residential neighborhoods.


 If you have any urgent questions or concerns, a team member is always available to assist you. Residence hall assistants often live on campus and operate as the first point of contact for students in a broader student life support network. They are responsible for a variety of responsibilities. The responsibility for ensuring that each facility is safe, that it is clean, that it is not damaged, and that it complies with any relevant regulations lies with the facility coordinators. They have been assigned to every single structure separately.

It is possible to offer accommodations for students with unique needs in the flats and residence halls that Housing Services maintain. These buildings include apartments and residence halls.

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